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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who uses a Buyers Agent in Australia?

Recently, a growing number of Australians are realising the benefits of using a professional Buyers Agent when purchasing property as either a home or an investment.

  • Buyers who don't have the time or interest in spending hours on or their weekends at open homes are typical Buyers Agent clients.
  • Homeowners looking to lock down their dream home in tightly held bluechip locations are keen to jump the queue by accessing 'off-market properties' only available through well-connected local professions.
  • Similarly, savvy inventors who simply see the value in leveraging a professional's expertise are including 'using a Buyers Agent' as a key part of their strategy.
While in the United States, 90% of buyers choose to engage an advocate to look after their best interests when buying property, Australians are increasingly following suit.

Why should I use a Buyers Agent?

Your reason for using a Buyers Agent will be a personal one, relating to what you hope to achieve and where you are at in life.

  • If you are a busy professional or have pressing family commitments, a Buyers Agent will do the legwork on your behalf while also holding you accountable to your purchasing goals.
  • Buyers Agents can also help you purchase great investments in unfamiliar locations by accessing professional-grade research and data.
  • A Buyers Agent specialising in home purchases will be able to secure your dream home in a tightly held or heated market.
  • As a professional negotiator, securing a property under market value should be a key focus of your Buying Advocate.

Do Buyers Agents charge a fee?

Buyers Agents are engaged to buy property on your behalf and charge a fee based on their services.

Buyers Agent fees will vary based on the scope of your brief, strategy, budget, the location of your purchase and the overall level of service you require. A full-service Buyers Agent fee will be around 1.5 - 2% of a total purchase price as a rule of thumb.

Depending on the service agreed upon, A Buyers Agent may charge a set fixed fee, or be commission-based and charge a percentage of the property's sale price. Some Buyers Agents will adopt a hybrid model and have a fixed engagement fee and a commission-based aspect tied to the property's purchase price.

What is the difference between a Buyers Agent and a Buyers Advocate?

A Buyers Agent is engaged by a buyer to advocate in their best interest when purchasing property as a home, or for an investment.

Often referred to as a Buyers Advocate, both titles refer to the same profession.

While a Real Estate Agent is hired by a vendor and tasked with achieving the best possible sales price and conditions on the 'sell' side, the Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate's role is to achieve an optimum outcome for their client.