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As an investment class, property has proven to be one of the most effective ways to build wealth in Australia. Bosting returns of 6.8% per annum over the past 25 years while also benefiting from the power of leverage, using the bank's money, it's a difficult investment to beat.

By purchasing high-quality investments, with the help of a Buyers Agent, it's possible to build a large property portfolio that can pay for itself and pay you an income at the same time.


One of the big advantages that property offers is its capacity to add value. The most common way to manufacture equity in a property is through renovation.

Renovations can be as simple as a small cosmetic makeover, like painting rooms and installing a new kitchen or bathroom, or involve full-scale structural modification, such as adding additional stories and removing interior walls.

By leveraging the experience of a Buyers Agent, you can avoid overcapitalising when adopting this strategy.


Subdivision is the process of purchasing a large block of land and creating smaller strata-titled lots. Subdividing can be a powerful way to generate profits, helping you to build a property portfolio quickly. To make this strategy work, the combined value of the smaller sub-divided lots need to be greater than that of the large lot.

It is possible to use sub-division in different ways, including buying a house, knocking it down and selling off the strata lots, or retaining a house while selling off a portion of the land.

Subdivision is a sophisticated strategy requiring substantial due diligence. Using an experienced Buyers Agent is a great way to learn the ropes if you are new to this strategy.


Property Development effectively involves purchasing an existing property or lot of land and transforming it into something else. Property Development can be as simple as building a duplex or as complicated as creating a multistory apartment building.

Arguably the most profitable of all investment strategies, property development also comes with the highest risk. Given the complexities involved, engaging a professional Buyers Agent with development experience is a worthwhile consideration if you are new to this strategy.

Auction Assist

When it comes time to sell your property, you want to enlist a professional who will achieve a sale in your best interest. Like in every profession, there are good real estate agents and bad ones.

The best real estate agents are excellent negotiators. They understand their local market and can identify the key demographics looking to buy and sell at any given time. Top agents maintain a large database of potential buyers collated over time to help their vendors achieve the highest possible price in a timely fashion.

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